What IS Access the Bars?

Access Consciousness the Bars is 32 points on the head, where the accumulation of bioelectric charge there can be released. Each point is lightly touched for several minutes, allowing dynmic discharge and deep relaxation.

Every time we have a strong feeling or point of view about something, we Acces Bars is light touch to points on the head discharging old thoughts, beliefs, feelingscharge it . The charge sets it into our reality on the quantum level. The Bars releases the accumulation of thoughts, feelings, emotions, points of view, beliefs and the other conclusions and judgements we make with all aspects of life including Money, Body, Healing, Joy, Hopes & Dreams, Creativity, Control, Aging and many more. When we discharge all that with the Bars, new space for being, for perceiving, for receiving new possibilities opens up. Space that was blocked by the limiting realities we created or agreed to in the past is freed for discovery, creativity, and the joy of being.

It’s like an email or a file on your computer that’s irrelevant now, so you delete it… And then, to totally get rid of it and free up space on your hard drive, you empty the trash. That’s what the Bars does for your personal world.

A session usually takes a little over an hour. Most people find it very relaxing, even sleeping through it. Each session is deeply restorative to the body and being.

The process is non-cognitive and non-verbal. You don’t have to share about anything going on in your life. Sessions are done with light touch that is non-manipulative. No energy is added to your system. There is no balancing or tweaking or grounding or treating your energies or fixing anything. Access the Bars just clears the clutter, like defragging your brain.

After a session, most people experience a sense of space and lightness. More ease shows up in life–on the job, at home, in relationships, and even during sleep. Dramatic changes in stuck situations and chronic conditions have occurred from a single session.

More often there is quick and steady improvement, with increased benefits with regular sessions. This is what I experienced with the disabling environmental sensitivities that gripped my world for decades.

Would you like a session?

If you’re in or near Massachusetts, you can contact me below or call me at 413-259-1874. I’m located in western Massachusetts near Amherst.

If you’re elsewhere in the USA or the world, you can find someone to run your Bars through the Access Consciousness website.