For Your Body

I love the way Access Consciousness® goes beyond other modalities in offering new ways to change anything…including our bodies!

The Access Consciousness® Body Processes are hands-on energy healing tools to create dynamic changes in the body. As infinite beings, we can change ourselves– our points of view, our pasts and our futures instantly. Does this create instant change in our bodies? Sometimes…and often it takes something different for our bodies to let go of the years and lifetimes of charged realities we’ve created and stuck in them.

The Body Processes speed and ease the transformation in the body on the cellular, molecular and energetic levels. They are non-cognitive, body-to-body exchanges of transformative information in the form of specific energies.

Over 60 Body Processess have been discovered and created, and as more and more people use them more often, they work ever faster and easier to create greater results.  That wouldn’t be because everything is connected by any chance?

Body Process practitioners have taken one or more classes to learn each process. Our bodies love these and will tell each other which processes are required, and where. How intelligent are our bodies? our cells? our organs? How aware is everything?

There are processes for all sorts of things including the Energetic Facelift which relieves the cells and tissues of the face, neck and upper chest of years of the accumulation of projections, expectations and judgements of other people and ourselves in daily life. It can have a similar effect on the appearance as a surgical facelift, smoothing out wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin, and relaxing the muscles so there’s a more youthful glow. There is a plastic surgeon who recommends the Energetic Facelift for his clients in conjunction with the surgery because it speeds recovery by a whopping 70%; that’s 70% faster getting over the surgery and healing! The Energetic Facelift feels great and relaxes, restores and tones the entire body, not just the face. How does it get even better than that?

There are processes to energetically support the immune system, release shock, trauma and other stuck patterns, energetically support bone growth, activate the body’s own systems to regenerate and heal, create greater communion with the Earth, and much more. The vision of Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, is that these energies will be a foundation for the future of healing and preventive caring all over the world. I have already experienced this in my own life and body, with the awareness that I have at my fingertips the means to eradicate pathogens, prevent degenerative disease, and reverse ageing.

Here’s a google hangout with the 3 amazing women, amazing healers, who brought these energies to more and more people:

And here’s a google hangout with Access Facilitator Dr. Lisa Cooney, and Boston Naturpath Jackie Bell; they use thermometry scans to show the amazing speed and results body processes, and Access Consciousness® tools have on bodies:

Here’s what Shannon O’Hara has to say about the Body Processes: “Since the planet is our ultimate body, the relationships we have with our bodies impacts and is reflected in our bigger Earth body. Every time someone runs a body process on our little body, the big body gets happy and healthier!”

I am a certified Access Consciousness® Body Process Facilitator. I offer sessions using the body processes, and teach classes so you can use them yourself, on yourself, your family and friends, clients, and pets. They are easy to learn and apply, so easy small children can do it. They usually feel great, too, relaxing, restoring, relieving. I had lots of Reiki sessions while I was disabled, and that felt really nice and relaxing but Reiki never changed anything for me and my body. It just felt good for awhile. The Access Consciousness® Body Processes actually changed how my body functions. It is quite amazing.

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