What Else Is Possible? Access Consciousness®

Access Consciousness® is creating change in people’s lives, here in New England and globally in over 170 countries!

Access Consciousness is awareness tools and energetic processes that really work. They empower you to know what YOU know. It’s all about expanded consciousness, asking questions, and expanding awareness of possibilities we haven’t ever considered before.

I am super-enthused about Access! These are energetic healing body processes that have created phenomenal change for me and my body, my life and my relationships. The foundational body process is called Access the Bars®. It’s a new different approach to consciousness, to healing, to transformation in the body-mind-being.

My personal experience with The Bars is the huge shift in my life from over 20 years of disabling environmental sensitivities that kept me isolated in my home…to that just not being an issue. Huge? You bet!

Other things have been transformed in my life, too. I’ve been gifting Bars sessions to my family members and their space for life has expanded in finances, obligations, jobs and careers, and personal satisfaction and happiness. Our home is lighter, happier, more fun. There’s more ease in every aspect of our lives.

This happens for most people who receive Bars sessions. There’s just more space for you in your life, for joy, ease and new possibilities you may have never imagined.

Access Consciousness offers tools for every aspect of life: money, relationships, food & health, self-image & body, career & business, intuition & the spirit world, creativity and much, much more.


Here’s a video that captures some of the expansive, joyous energy of the Bars:

and here are some personal experiences people have shared about what the Bars has contributed to their lives:


As we change individually, expanding our own joy and possibilities, we create space on Earth for new and different possibilities for other people, too. Access Consciousness can open us to our capacities to energetically shift and heal what is and has been happening on Earth. What if, by being YOU, you can be the gift to life and the world that would allow something different for the future on our planet?

What if you can be the change that contributes to creating a future of joy and prosperity for all?

Would you like to find out what the Bars can change for you?

Contact me for a session at my home in Shutesbury, MA. Or take a one-day workshop and learn how to run Bars sessions yourself! Call me or email me through the form below.

Thank you for asking for something different!

Ziporah Hildebrandt