Barb Porlides, Bars Facilitator at Panacea Healing


Barb Porlides

PANACEA – Healing for Body and Sole LLC

101 River Rd. Canton, CT 06019


  • What if you could be who YOU truly be?
  • What if you could live your life with ease and joy?
  • What if everything you ever imagined is possible?

After studying alternative modalities for over twenty years I discovered Access Consciousness®. Life has not been the same since my journey with Access began and I discovered the real me who was always lurking behind who I thought I was. How does it get any better than that?

After the first Bars class, I never intended to become a facilitator, but the Universe believed otherwise. A year later my Access training expanded and I became a Body Process facilitator.

This is an open invitation to join me on this amazing journey. The life you desire is possible if you are willing to receive. What if you allow yourself to live life with ease and joy using the tools from Access Consciousness?

In addition to Access Bars classes and sessions, PANACEA also offers Access Body Process classes and sessions, including Energetic Face Lifts. The class schedule changes monthly and is available on our website.

Let’s play! Is it time for you to learn the Access tools and discover the magic you truly be?

Barb Porlides is the founder of PANACEA – Healing for Body and Sole LLC, a Holistic Wellness center in Canton, CT. She is a Certified Access Bars and Body Process Facilitator, as well as a Certified Reflexology Therapist and an Etheric Weaver Healing Practitioner.

Barb is also a Reiki Master and Reconnective Healing Practitioner and has studied Herbalism, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, TSR, Auriculotherapy and Medicinal Aromatherapy.