Bars Gathering Feb 10 in Shutesbury

Liven up the winter! I’m hosting a get-together for Bars enthusiasts on Feb 10th at my home in Shutesbury, MA. If you’ve taken a Bars class, this is a great time to come, brush up your skills and exchange sessions with other practitioners.

If you would like to receive a session without swapping, great! $35, try out the Bars, see if you like it!

Register here:

Or call me 413-259-1874 (landline)


Changing the Issues of Abuse Livestream Class in Shutesbury Feb 24 – 26

Ok so life dealt you lemons. You’ve made lemonade…

Ready to move on? Freedom? Ease? Joy? Creating what makes you happy?

Check out this class livestreamed from Houston! I’ll be watching, right here in Western Mass. Would this be a contribution to your life? Here’s more info and you can register to join me:

What else is possible?

Healing & Clearing Ancestors Class, Online & Live in Portland, Maine, Sept 23rd


See more details here!

I’ve been working with ancestors for many years. Would you like to release trauma, fixed beliefs and limitations from your lineage? I have found that you can heal yourself and heal your ancestors, too.

How does it get better than that? What else is possible for you and our world?


What About Portals? June 10 in Shutesbury

Do you ever get weird sensations, awareness, thoughts, feelings, emotions, images, floods of stuff that just doesn’t seem like it’s from here? Sudden nausea, head spinning, “get me out of here”? Like you’re standing in a flood of invisible someones without bodies?

What do you know about portals? Other dimensions? Doorways to other realms?

Would you like to know more?

How about some easy tools to clear up the weirdness?

Join me for an evening workshop on portals. What would it take to have ease?

June 10, 7:30 – 9 pm Live! in Shutesbury. Or join the remote location class in Portland, Maine, at Elle’s place. Or enjoy the class from wherever you are by telephone.

Register here:

$30 to attend live or receive the recording after the class. Pay here:

Or call me: 413-259-1874

or email me below:

What Can the Access Tools Do? Got Me to Hollywood!

Wow, I won 2nd place in the Writers of the Future Contest! I’m flying to Hollywood for a week of workshops and an awards gala April 2.

How does it get better than that?

What will the Access Consciousness® tools create for you?

I will be on stage at the same theater where the Academy Awards are presented the evening of April 2 at 9:30 pm Eastern time. You can view the livestream on!

What else is possible????

You can order the #1 Bestselling anthology, Writers of the Future 33, from amazon here:



Free Telecall with Shauna Teaken March 22

My guest in March is Shauna Teaken, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator from Australia, and a veteran of energetic dentistry. Call in live, write in your questions, what else is possible?

Register here to receive the call details and the recording:


Body Process Classes to Support Immunity on Cape Cod Jan 28

What If Your Immune System Had Super Powers?

Would You Ever Get Sick??   Is That Possible?*

Would You Like a Different Reality For Your Body with Immunity, Germs & Diseases?

OK! Let’s Get Going! with the life-changing Access Consciousness® Body Processes® 

Join me for a day of awareness, communication with your immune system, clearing past life and ancestral beliefs, and revitalizing and restoring your immune system’s function to ease, joy, and glorious potency!

January 28

a day of hands-on energy, awareness, clearing and a new reality!

Morning Session: 10 am – 1 pm  

Square Root of Minus One    What if you and your immune system are beyond what you think?

Afternoon Session: 2 – 5 pm 

MTVSS  Can your body change faster and easier than you ever imagined? this process works with pain, illness, ageing, weight balance, injury, recovery, animals, plants, optimizing body systems

#E  1 Auston Road, East Harwich, MA**

$95 for the morning or the afternoon/ or $150 for both

**Jamie Nash’s chiropractic office thank you Jamie!

*Yes! & what else is possible you never considered?

Ease With the Spirit World Workshop on Cape Cod Jan 27

Are You Aware of the Spirit World Around You? 

Would You Like Some Ease With That?  More Space for You?

How about some empowerment?

I am offering an evening of more clarity and understanding of the spirit world, more connection with guides, angels, nature spirits, ancestors, loved ones (including pets) and what else is possible for more fun with spirits?

What if you didn’t have to be at the effect of voices, entities and weird body sensations? What if you trusted yourself? Let go of fear? Had confidence? Received peace and what else are spirits offering?

I have been working with the spirit world for decades. Join me for an evening of expanding your communication with spirits with easy, fast, effective tools.

You can be the infinite energy, potency and being you truly be. 

Bring your questions!        $85

Friday, January 27th     6:30 – 9:30 pm

8 Nonatum Lane, Chatham, MA