Bars & PTSD

Stress shock and trauma are all too common these days. Medical research has found that stress is the root of most disease.

Access Consciousness® offers a buffet of ways to ease stress, starting with the Bars® and Body Processes.

Here’s a short video of a veteran talking about the relief he received for his PTSD symptoms with the Bars:

Brain researcher Dr. Jeffrey Fannin of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement has begun the first scientific study of the Bars and the brain, and part of the study involves veterans with PTSD. What else is possible when we step out of the box and into the infinite possibilities of being? I’ll be adding updates as they come in!

I often include hands-on healing processes with Bars sessions for people with PTSD. There are several excellent Access Consciousness energetic processes that directly address shock and trauma locked in the body. These energies are like magic, releasing the stuck memories from the cells, tissues and nervous system. People come in looking like deer in the headlights and leave with a smile. How does it get better than that?

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