Bars with Kids!

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Around the world, children as young as 4 and 6 years old are learning the Bars, running the Bars on family members, each other, and adult friends, and getting paid, too! Everyone benefits from the relaxed spacious energy. Kids are enjoying and doing better at school. Health and sleep improve, parents get younger and laugh more. Families are having more fun together.



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Here’s what one Bars teacher in Dubai has to say:

“I am running a Bars Class for Kids, would you allow me to play with your kids, and they said you want to do a Bars Class for my Kid, and I went yes. And they all just went, when and where 2 days later I had 12 gorgeous kids in my class and we rocked the class. The kids showed up they had no clue what to expect, all I said would you like to have some fun and possibly learn to be like Harry Potter and their eyes lit up. They asked can we do magic like him and I went you don’t have to only do magic honey, you are the magic!

“They all looked at each other and went ok what do we do and when can we play? They got so involved, they did the energy pulls gifting and receiving twice each, they did the implant band, and they talked and laughed all the way. Some of them went to sleep while others were saying my fingers are getting hot, and they removed them and then put them back again.  They learnt how to do the closing up and then went, Jenny can we have some more fun? what else can we play with. This is fun. I had an Xmen in my class and it is amazing to see that no kids has a  point of view about the other, the older ones were feeling awkward at the onset and then settled in.

“I have had reports from the parents, who say,

“Their 7 year old is going around in the family and saying I can run your Bars for you but you know you got to pay me for it, he has made AED. 50, running the bars for 10 minutes and he has people in the family who want appointments with him. How cool is that?

“The other one a 7 year old comes home from school and says, mum, after lunch can you run my Bars for me. and mum ever delighted goes, sure son. At first he is restless and then goes to sleep for 14 hours and is like dynamite now.

“The youngest one a 6 year old came in yesterday for the gifting and receiving day we had, she came and asked if she could run the bars that she had learnt in the Bars class for the new people that came in for the Bars Tasters, she said Jenny, Can I do their Bars for them and I said baby go for it.”


Parents and teachers report many benefits after kids receive Bars sessions. Kids like to run Bars on their parents, too, for, you know, those days when the stress piles up? Nobody likes to yell or get yelled at, so what could the Bars lighten up in your house?

I’ll be offering free introductions to the Bars for kids and parents this summer. Do you have questions? I’d love to hear from you! Contact me too if you’d like to join or host one of these! 413-259-1874 or you can email me through this site.