Christine DiDomenico

Christine DiDomenico

Christine says, “I would be happy to come to your area and facilitate some classes if there is interest. I do a lot of work with kids as I have been a teacher for 30 years in NY and would love to do a class for parents and/or teachers in addition to other topics.” Thank you, Christine!!

Christine is teaching “4 Days to Change Your Life” in Manchester, CT this April 12 – 15. Four days of reality-transforming Foundation and Level 1 core classes. When I took my first core classes I was quaking with lack of confidence that I could actually spend five days in a hotel after 20 years of disabling environmental sensitivities. By the last day, I didn’t need my oxygen. How does it get any better than that?

Considering taking her classes and you’re not sure? Christine is offering a half hour session on the phone with her. My life has changed from just a few minutes interaction with Access Facilitators…What is possible for you that you’ve never even considered?

Call her at 845 825-2361, or email her through the Access Consciousness website here.

Here’s the full schedule of Christine’s events in Manchester, Ct!

April 11 “Meet & Greet!” 7 pm, call me about car-pooling from the Pioneer Valley, 413-259-1874  Register here:


Access Foundation & Level 1 Classes in Manchester, CT

Foundation – April 12-13

Level 1 – April 14-15

Pre-requisite – Bars class
for Bars class schedule  click here

to register for Foundation & Level 1
click here

Out of the Box Toolbox for Teachers & Parents – Sun. April 13 – 1-2pm in Manchester, CT  What if you could eliminate the stressors in your home or classroom? Would you like to empower your children to create a phenomenal life? What if the joy of children is truly possible?   Link to register

Please join us as we create greater awareness around all of these questions and show you how life can be truly amazing! What else is possible when we ask different questions?


And Linda Wasil and Adam Johnson will be teaching 1-hour classes on Saturday and Sunday in the lunch breaks, and Saturday evening, of Christine’s Foundation and Level 1.