Conscious Birthing & Beyond


Conscious Birthing and Beyond!

Beyond Birth, Beyond Business, Beyond Limits!

How much are you defined, confined, limited, constrained experiences you don’t even remember? Does the imprint of the past guide your steps into the future? Are you hampered by patterns, conclusions, necessities you don’t have conscious awareness of?

What if that could change?

What if it is possible to walk free and without fear toward glory?

Susan Shatzer and I embarked upon a journey last summer. Our target was to follow an energy to create a different future for birthing women. A future where conscious communication with babies both born and unborn would be as common as diapers. A future in which women did not fear labor and birth, were not routinely drugged and restrained, in which the experts on mother and baby care were the mothers and babies themselves.

The energy led us to this, and to much, much more.

What we uncovered is our own birth stories, stories that left stamps upon our lives in how we have created our families, relationships, careers, businesses, art and life. Those early experiences in utero, labor, birth and infancy were the fertile bed of conclusion and judgement in which the seeds of our limitations took root. Our own stories were intertwined with those of our mothers, and hers with her mothers. We uncovered a maze of obscurity with roots all twisted together.

We began to clear it. Light shown through. Our lives opened and changed. What had been stuck broke free. What had been clouded became clear. A new self, new body, new life is born.

The energy isn’t finished with us! The energy is asking us to offer a call series every season of the year! Register here for our next series!

Here’s the link to the replay of one of our free introductions, you can get a taste of the change that is possible!   You’ll need this password: 678936

Discover you, your story, your birth imprint!

Uncover the infinite being you are and your children are, born or yet to come!

The energy is leading us.

The tools of Access Consciousness® are clearing the way for us to bring more, expand more, create a cradle where new, different possibilities for creation and birthing are easily available on planet Earth.

Would you like to choose more?

Would you like awareness of what you’ve been circling around all your life? with your family, creative projects, money, relationships?

Would you like more freedom to create a life that works for you with ease and joy and abundance?

We invite you to join us for more transformation!





The Winter 2016 “Illusion & Reality” series was phenomenal. We are creating the Spring 2016 series now, “Spring Into A New Future!” which you can pay and register for here:

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Meet our funtastic guest facilitators!


~ Johanna Pansera from Sweden ~ “What is Conscious Birthing?” 




~ Mel Mazing from Austrailia ~ “Learn to grow intuitive communication with your baby” & “Illusion & Reality: Love & Marriage” 



~ Sadie Rose Lake from US ~ “Choosing for you” 




~ Betsy McLoughlin from US ~ “Clearing Old Systems and Programming” & “Illusion & Reality: The Burden of Parenting”


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.03.04 PM~ Petrina Fava from US ~ “Illusion & Reality: Birthing & Bonding”





~ Maria La Riva from US ~ “Illusion & Reality: You, Your Life, Your Baby & Beyond”


~ Kathy Williams from Hawaii ~ “Illusion & Reality: The Burden of Parenting”




Susan Shatzer co-facilitates each call with the guest facilitators above, both are dynamic agents of change in their own lives, for pregnant and birthing women, and as parents. This international team is committed to opening a new way to conceive, birth and parent on planet Earth!

And I am your host! Ziporah Hildebrandt having fun and expanding consciousness and possibilities from my garden in Western Massachusetts!


What else is possible for you? for babies? for birthing everything creative with ease? We’d love to have you join us for the adventure!

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