Ease With Entities

There’s something attractive about the notion of fairies and elves, angels and devils, ghosts, demons, portals to other dimensions, gods and vampires. Every culture on Earth includes them. Our folklore, fantasy and entertainment are full of them! Yet their existence is dismissed and denied in “the real world” even as we indulge in them.

What if they are real?

Is that frightening? Or, if they are real…what else have we been lied to about what is imaginary?

What if we know, even when we are trying not to? When someone is lying to you, do you know somehow? And when the lie comes out you recognize that you knew all along? What if you could have your knowing before you get hurt, before the damage comes? Would that change anything in your life?

I bought so many lies as a child. I’ve been digging out from under them and my life expands with every toss of the shovel. The space of me gets lighter and lighter!

I spent over 20 years disabled, mostly unable to leave my home without an oxygen tank. Though I had been working with entities and the spirit world for years before encountering Access Consciousness® Facilitator Shannon O’Hara and her specialty classes Talk to the Entities™, I was laboring under limitations I’d thought were valid. Since learning these tools I have so much ease and peace. (And using the tools of Access Consciousness I’ve totally recovered my health! How does it get better than that?)

These tools aren’t just about clearing entities. What if a whole new way of perceiving everything is possible, illuminating questions like what is life? what is death? do we really have choice? what is consciousness? what is infinite being? what is really going on when we “have entities”, share space with them, share our bodies with them? These and a zillion other questions became, for me, so much clearer, and offered so much more space for something greater, when I moved through the limitations I’d had about protection, fear, harm, and the power of the spirit world to affect me.

What is your awareness about you and the spirit world? Would you like more ease, more peace, more fun with that? What if that was possible? What if it could be easier than you imagine?

I would love to be the invitation to have more of that for you! I offer sessions and classes in Massachusetts and happy to travel around New England and beyond! What else is possible for you? What else is possible for our lives, our children, our parents and ancestors, our planet?