Ease With the Spirit World Workshop on Cape Cod Jan 27

Are You Aware of the Spirit World Around You? 

Would You Like Some Ease With That?  More Space for You?

How about some empowerment?

I am offering an evening of more clarity and understanding of the spirit world, more connection with guides, angels, nature spirits, ancestors, loved ones (including pets) and what else is possible for more fun with spirits?

What if you didn’t have to be at the effect of voices, entities and weird body sensations? What if you trusted yourself? Let go of fear? Had confidence? Received peace and what else are spirits offering?

I have been working with the spirit world for decades. Join me for an evening of expanding your communication with spirits with easy, fast, effective tools.

You can be the infinite energy, potency and being you truly be. 

Bring your questions!        $85

Friday, January 27th     6:30 – 9:30 pm

8 Nonatum Lane, Chatham, MA

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