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This is an invitation to come play with me and create more possibility and expansion in your life! I love the power of the question and what it can do to move me from judgment and conclusion, from all the contracted and limited places into a space of openness, receptivity and possibility. In my work as a transformation coach, I ask lost of questions, because I don’t really know what’s true for you or what will really help you, but YOU do, you might just need some help getting there! Question-asking helps you discover your own knowing and truth and find your own way forward.

I work a lot with the tools and processes of Access and also draw from my training as aTransformational Kinesiologist which is also a lot about asking questions and identifying the subconscious limiting beliefs that hold us back. I’ve also been exploring and learning and sharingNonviolent Communication for may years and it has deeply informs my life and perspective and therefore my work. Sometimes it’s just in the back ground, and sometimes more conscious as with my work with Parents. And of course, there’s my own life to draw from which has provided for deep personal exploration as well as my natural empathic and intuitive abilities. (Check out my personal website www.mytrueplace.com and read my bio for more)

Having my Bars run has helped me access deep levels of peace, expansiveness and self-connection. Bars sessions are fantastic ways to transform funk, uplift your spirits and bring you back to functioning from greater awareness, space and consciousness.

Beyond being a Bars Facilitator and training others to become Bars Practitioners, I’m also really excited to not just train people, but also to build hubs and communities where people can connect and share and have their bars run regularly. I’m a bit of a gypsy and enjoy travel, so if you would like to host a class in your area and/or want some support in building community, I’d love to hear from you!

As a practitioner of Bars and as a Transformation coach, some of the areas I have highly developed knowledge and skills are unlocking the life within depressionharnessing and using the gifts of emotional and energetic sensitivity and supporting parents and families in creating greater peace, harmony and happiness in their lives.

We are all energetic beings and the work of Bars and Access is all about opening up awareness and perceiving energy. No matter what you’re working with, whatever the issue, the tools of Bars, of questions, of guiding you toward your own self-discovery can be effective and powerful for anyone, regardless of the issue they are working with.

Come play with me and let’s explore and see what we can move and shift and what greater consciousness and possibility we can create together!