edited-gazeboEverything is energy. Shift the energy, shift your reality! There are many wonderful modalities available, and I have tried a LOT of them, and use a few that work really well. Access Consciousness® offers the fastest, most effective and comprehensive tools I have come across for creating change and empowering anyone looking for more in life. Flower essences are a wonderfully gentle way to shift energy. I love working with the energies of plants and the Earth.

Contact me if you’d like to schedule a session in person, or remotely by phone or Skype. 413-259-1874 or use the email form below.


The Bars: the foundation of change. The Bars is 32 points, lightly touched in sequence for an hour or longer. Releases limiting thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs, allowing space for change, for being with more ease. One session can be life-changing, and most people like to receive sessions regularly, whether that is weekly, monthly or whenever. $100

Access Body Processes: these are gentle hands-on transformational energy sessions. Specific energies are chosen each time, whatever your body is asking for energetic support for. Excellent after surgery, accident or injury. There are processes for supporting change in issues such as trauma, immunity, emotions, vitality, body systems, teeth, eyes, ears and other areas of the body, relationships and consciousness itself. Sessions are usually 30 − 60 minutes. $120/hour. Acces Bars is light touch to points on the head discharging old thoughts, beliefs, feelings

Energetic Facelift: this is a 90-minute, hands-on session for rejuvenating the entire body. The session is light touch to the neck, head and face. Cosmetic surgeons find that receiving the Energetic Facelift can speed healing up to 65%. Releases stress, tension, and the effects of time.  $175

Symphony of Possibilities (SOP): Dr. Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness, created the SOP. If you have seen video clips of him waving his arms and flicking his hands around someone on a massage table, that is SOP! These sessions work dynamically on the energy field beyond and interpenetrating the body, and backward and forward in time, to allow a space for greater possibilities. In person or by phone or Skype. A session as short as 6 minutes offers permanent change and how does it get any better than that? $45 for 12 minutes. $100/30 minutes. $185/hour.

The Abuse Hold: This Access Consciousness Body Process® was developed specifically for releasing the effects of abuse from the body. All kinds of abuse: physical, sexual, spiritual, emotional, neglect, financial, mental. Must be done in person. Totally energetic; not massage. Whole body, fully clothed session is usually about an hour. $150

Right Body for You: How many beliefs do you have creating your reality with your body? How many of those were imposed on you unconsciously? Would you like more ease with our body? What else is possible? RBFY is a specialty class of Access Consciousness created by Donnielle Carter, the worldwide coordinator for Access Consciousness Body classes. I am a RBFY facilitator for intro classes on any topic. Interested in a class? I work the RBFY approach into my private sessions and other classes…we are all occupying bodies, and how does it get waaaay better than the way we’ve been told it has to be? $85-$120/hour.

Ease with Entities: I have trained to the facilitator level with Shannon O’Hara, the creator of the Access Consciousness® specialty classes Talk to the Entities®. Entities are beings without bodies, and also any energies we have created and defined with identities. You may be surprised at how many aspects of life can be affected by entities and unacknowledged awareness of them: health, family, relationships, money, business, creativity, spirituality and more. Acknowledging what is going on with the spirit world can relieve the mind and heart. Clearing unwanted entities can relieve the body of energetic burdens. And what if you could have more fun with spirits, be they your departed loved ones or your spirit team? Phone or Skype sessions are possible as well as in person. $120/hour. happy

Space Clearing: Many energies can affect a space, whether a home, car, office or land. Entities, portals, geopathic stress, and more. I use a combination of the highly effective Access Consciousness® techniques to clear your space. Would you like to learn to do any of it yourself? What else is possible? $150/hour plus a charge for travel time over 15 minutes.

Clearing & Healing Your Ancestors: Whether you know who your ancestors were or not, they are contributing or detracting energetically…and sometimes watching closely! Whatever limitations, traumas and agendas your ancestors were holding onto when they passed, may still be operating in your life now. Would you like to meet and communicate with them? Clear some space for you? Your children? These sessions can be real eye-openers, and have remarkable effects! In person or remote by phone or Skype. $150/hour.

The Emotion Code: I use this modality to clear specific energies blocking change in specific areas. Developed by chiropractor Bradley Nelson, I find the Emotion Code dynamically complementary to the Access Consciousness® clearing processes. Excellent energetic support for changing health and money issues, and to assest your body to receive full benefit from treatments such as nutritional supplements, medications and herbs. Wonderful for your animal friends, too! I offer in-person and remote sessions by phone or Skype. $75 – $100/hour. heart2

The Quick Pulse Quantum Energetics: I am a practitioner of this technique created by spiritual teacher and healer Jo Dunning. Taking just a few minutes, this potent yet gentle energy from divine source begins to unwind, unlock, unravel and clear whatever is in your way in life, working backwards to the point of the creation of the limitation. Remote sessions by phone and Skype. $18 for 1, $45 for 3. Quick Pulse Surrogate Sessions are for animals, young children, or those who are in coma or otherwise incapacitated. $90/hour

Starflower Session: I have been creating flower essences and other vibrational remedies with plants, crystals and other natural energies since 1981. In a session, we will talk about what is going on for you. I attune to which of these natural essence energies your body and being are asking for. While you lie down at home, the essences are dropped into your field. This remarkable process works whether we are in the same room or on opposite sides of the planet!  $120 e-pink-pulmonaria

Human Design Custom Flower Essence Formula: I use your Human Design bodygraph to create an individual flower essence blend for you. Each of the 9 energetic centers receive the potent natural energies they are asking for to clear implanted programs, release trauma and limitation, and allow you the infinite space and vitality to create the life of joy and ease you are here for! $120 (shipping outside the USA is extra). Contact me directly or order through my etsy shop,

In-person sessions are at my home in Shutesbury, MA. (Same time zone as New York.) Remote sessions can be done through phone or Skype. Call me to schedule our appointment: 413-259-1874 or email me using the contact form below. I will make home visits at additional charge if you cannot travel.