Susan Lazar Hart



Sparkling, brilliant, and very funny, Susan Lazar Hart has a home in northern Vermont… and she teaches Access Consciousness all over the world: Europe, Australia, Canada, India…and still has time to come to New England!

I love Susan’s classes, I laugh so much! I learn so much! I change SO MUCH! How does it get any better than that?

Susan is the originator of Right Relationship for You. Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, says Susan’s marriage is one of the handful of relationships he knows of that actually work. Susan’s piercing questions can pare away the confusion in an interpersonal situation in about a nano second. Visit her action-packed Right Relationship For You website for free gifts and tons more of Susan!

Here’s the link to Susan’s YouTube channel:

Here’s a link to a video of Susan’s Creating Relationships with You.   Respect, listening, judgement, awareness, roles, what we’ve made vital, are we willing? and where are you in the relationship? are just a few of the topics she covers in this illuminating class.

The Right Relationship For You website has lots more, including Susan’s monthly telecalls, radio shows, videos and more! What else is possible for you when Susan’s laser-awareness tunes into your world of questions?