Changing the Issues of Abuse Livestream Class in Shutesbury Feb 24 – 26

Ok so life dealt you lemons. You’ve made lemonade… Ready to move on? Freedom? Ease? Joy? Creating what makes you happy? Check out this class livestreamed from Houston! I’ll be watching, right here in Western Mass. Would this be a … Continue reading

What About Portals? June 10 in Shutesbury

Do you ever get weird sensations, awareness, thoughts, feelings, emotions, images, floods of stuff that just doesn’t seem like it’s from here? Sudden nausea, head spinning, “get me out of here”? Like you’re standing in a flood of invisible someones … Continue reading

Free Telecall with Shauna Teaken March 22

My guest in March is Shauna Teaken, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator from Australia, and a veteran of energetic dentistry. Call in live, write in your questions, what else is possible? Register here to receive the call details and the recording: … Continue reading

Body Process Classes to Support Immunity on Cape Cod Jan 28

What If Your Immune System Had Super Powers? Would You Ever Get Sick??   Is That Possible?* Would You Like a Different Reality For Your Body with Immunity, Germs & Diseases? OK! Let’s Get Going! with the life-changing Access Consciousness® Body … Continue reading

Conscious Birthing & Beyond Telecall Series

Conscious Birthing and Beyond! Beyond Birth, Beyond Business, Beyond Limits! How much are you defined, confined, limited and constrained by experiences you don’t even remember? Does the imprint of the past guide your steps into the future? Are you hampered … Continue reading