What’s An Access Consciousness Class Like?

The energy of any class is going to vary with the facilitator, the people in the class, the space, of course, and still there ARE some notable differences in Access Consciousness classes.

Some classes, such as the core classes Bars, Foundation and Levels 1, 2 & 3, the 3-Day Body class and some of the other specialty classes, have a manual or printed handouts. Whether or not there is printed matter accompanying a class, the direction of most classes (Bars excepted) isn’t linear. It isn’t about cognitively absorbing information. The facilitator will follow the energy of the class. This often means questions asked by class participants. The facilitation of these questions creates change for the whole group.

So, one of the biggest differences in an Access class is the invitation to ask your questions! Not just questions like, “What page are we on?” but the burning questions you have about your life, your body, your money, your family, your childhood, your career. You may wish to bring a notebook to write down clearings. Many facilitators offer recordings of classes on completion of the class, and many participants report continuing to receive potent change from listening to these long after the class is over.

It’s all about choice. You choosing to be there, and showing up how you choose while you’re there. Your questions. Your vulnerability. Your asking for more in your life.

Access Facilitators aren’t going to have big points of view about what clothes you’re wearing to class, how often you get up to stretch, eat, pee or walk around. This creates more freedom and ease for our bodies than you may be accustomed to in a classroom setting. There are always snacks and drinks available–when consciousness changes our bodies may require liquids and sugars, movement or rest.

Most classrooms will have one or more massage tables in the back, so that participants can run each others’ Bars during class. Why is this? Access Consciousness classes are filled with energy clearing processes which creates a dynamic space of change in the room. This energy is so potent that you can sleep through class and still transform a LOT! How is this possible? The Access tools bypass the cognitive mind. That’s what makes them so effective. There aren’t any gimmicks or tricks to this, it’s all in the energy that facilitators are trained to be aware of and apply. The Bars is a huge contribution to the process of change. The body relaxes, the overload from the brain is released, more space is available for new possibilities. You can actually get pretty uncomfortable if you don’t have your Bars run during a class that runs for a few days or more. 

Most facilitators welcome children of all ages to most classes. Children 15 and under can attend core classes at no charge. Access is about creating a better future for us, our children, our planet. Children receive the energy of change much faster than adults. There aren’t big points of view about children needing to sit still and pay attention in Access classes. Whatever gives children ease without disturbing others is fine. Many are surprised to find that after a class, their children remember more than their    parents, even tho the kids were playing games on a phone the whole time.